Our Services

Learn more about the various services offered by Claron Health and how we provide you with world-class care.

Medical Services

Well-designed consulting rooms just for your comfort. Quality medical services tailored for you, your family and organization.

Wellness/Routine Medical Checkup

Medical checks can be done annually, semi -annually or on a case by case basis.

International Vaccinations

Our vaccination center in Accra has the capacity to provide up to date vaccinations and immunizations for individuals and their family members.

Women’s Health

Our specialized women’s clinic will offer the following services for all women of various ages:

Occupational Health

Our Aim is to help corporate organizations establish and maintain a healthy and safe work environment.

Health Talks

Claron’s approach includes a series of health seminars and education sections on a variety of health topics.

Event Medicals

We have the capacity to set up a tailored medical backup, first aid tents and other event emergency medical services at no cost.

OGUK Medical Exams

Claron is an accredited provider of the OGUK Medical Exams for offshore operational. Same day examination, results and certification without any hassles.

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