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Welcome Message from the CEO

Dear Distinguished Industry leaders,
Health and Safety ofshore is the priority of every ofshore company, at Claron its part of our DNA!
Claron Health International is committed to being the clear medical provider of choice for the Ofshore Industry. Over the past 7-years we have delivered unparallel medical services for many ofshore Oil & Gas service providers and we are poised to do even more. We are driven by a consistent sense of purpose in delivering state-of-the-art care with exceptional attention to quality, safety and cost-efectiveness. We personalize our services to the needs of each company because we believe that is the future of healthcare.
Getting you to focus on what you do best whiles we take care of all your Medical and Occupational needs ofshore is a responsibility that we take seriously every single day. With our commitment to the highest standards in quality, safety and service excellence, Claron Health International is your partner of choice for all your ofshore medical needs.

Welcome Message from the CEO

About Claron.

Claron Health International is a leading International Provider of Medical, Occupational Health, Safety, and Environment Services. We have expertise in the provision of the following services:

  • Supply Chain and Logistic support for Ofshore Industry
  • Medical Services to Ofshore Oil & Gas Providers
  • Emergency Medical ServicesOfshore
  • Medevac/Evacuation Services
  • Medical Examinations and Certifications to Work Ofshore
  • The provider of International Seafarers Medical Examinations and Certifications (Norwegian, UK, Netherlands, Germany)
  • Qualified Medical Personnel to work Ofshore
  • Occupational Health & Safety Services
  • International Vaccination Services

We believe in Innovative and Smart healthcare. Little solutions to make a big impact on the health and wellness of clients. These include Tele-Medicine application, activity monitoring, onsite clinics and personalized medical care.

We have over 8 years’ experience in the delivery of preventive health services in Ghana and across West Africa. Some of our clients include:, Randgold Resources, Tullow Oil, Halliburton, Rigworld, Maersk Drilling, Baker Hughes, Goil, Coca-Cola, Equatorial, Standard Chartered Bank, Barclays, Vodafone, Airtel Tigo and many more.

Our focus as an organization is on health promotion and early detection through our comprehensive medical screening programs in line with our proactive approach of dealing with health. We combine practical and hands-on training on various health topics, with the aim of safeguarding the health, safety and wellness of employees in the corporate world.

Claron manages in-house clinics for our clients, provides preventive medical services, risk management, executive medical services, and allied specialties which go a long way to improve employee productivity at Claron Health International’s client firms. This initiative puts a lot of emphasis on prevention; that is identifying health risks early to avoid poor health and illness, rather than treatment thereby assisting organizations to reduce costs on medical bills and absenteeism, assure long-term health and increase employee productivity.

It is Oil & Gas Industry policy that, all persons working ofshore shall be examined periodically and classified as medically fit to work in the ofshore environment.
Claron Health International is a premier certified provider of Oil and Gas UK (OGUK/UKOOA) Ofshore Medicals Examination and Certification.

This is an assessment of medical fitness to work ofshore in the Oil and Gas Industry or Wind Turbine Installations.

Who needs it?

  • Anyone who is working
  • Personnel working worldwide ofshore, who’s company recognizes the OGUK
  • Personnel embarking on their BOSIET Training to work


What to Bring?

  • Current (in date) photo ID for example passport or national ID


What does it involve?

  • Completion and discussion of the OGUK medical health questionnaire.
  • Physical examination
  • Urine testing (to assess how well your kidneys / body is working).
  • Vision testing (near, distance and color).
  • Audiometry testing (hearing test).
  • Based on company requirements, Some Companies require an additional drug and /or alcohol

At Claron, clients are assured of results and fitness certificates being issued within 24-hours after the test has been conducted.


.Seafarers are required to undergo medical examinations to reduce risks to other crew members and for the safe

operation of the ship, as well as to safeguard their personal health and safety.

It is required that every member onboard has a certified Internationally accredited Medical Certification of Fitness.

Claron Health International is one of the few medical facilities in Africa the that have the licensed to conduct such medical examinations and certifications.

The certification is accredited by Norwegian, Dutch, German, and the UK Flagged ships.

Certification is granted within 24 hours.


Medical Staffing

Seafarers are required to undergo medical examinations to reduce risks to other crew members.


    • We only recruit only the best in the industry with a strong attitude towards patient-centered care.


    • We have a rigorous process of recruitment that ensures that only the best and the most qualified medical personnel matching the client’s specifications are recruited.


    • Greater emphasis is placed on the emergency response when it comes to recruitment for the offshore industry. We only recruit staff with basic knowledge and practice of emergency response procedures in remote site environments.


    • All our staff are well trained in basic and advanced first aid procedures with emphasis on emergency evacuation manoeuvres for prompt action.


    • We have a dedicated 24-hour medical call center for assistance and support in case of an emergency.


  • We a performance monitoring system for continuous improvement and quality service delivery in place for our clients.

Emergency Services

Claron Health International also provides emergency medical services ofshore. Our Rapid Response System is designed to aid in the evacuation, management and transport of casualties to the nearest accredited medical facilities via air. We have ground ambulance support on standby to assist in the continuum of care after the evacuation.
Together with our International Air Medivac Partners, we coordinate a full spectrum of International Air Ambulance Services ranging from trauma, advanced life support, neonatal emergencies and cardiac emergencies.

Occupational Health:
Training & Audits

The facility also provides other ofshore and onshore audit and training including but not limited to the following:
First aid Training: Basic & Advanced Life Support
Post-accident rehabilitation and support
Calibration, Servicing, Inspection & Certification
Calibration, Servicing, Inspection & Certification

Medical Logistics Procurement & Supply

We provide a comprehensive Medical Logistics support for the oil & gas sector using our extensive supply chain network. We have the capacity to deliver to any rig within a record time. Wherever the demand for medical consumables and supplies, Claron Health International will be there to deliver. Our key areas of operations span Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe

Pharmaceutical Supplies
Equipment & Hardware
Consumables & Lab
Technical Support

Onshore Medical Services

Claron Health International also specializes in annual wellness screening packages for corporate institutions. We believe strongly in preventive health and as a trusted medical facility we encourage periodic screenings by corporate institutions for their staf.

We always aim at being accessible, professional and always result oriented. Screening is done Onsite and at the convenience of staf.

Quick and prompt results sent not more than 1 week after the screening.
Free time with the doctor case management session post screening initiative to follow up on any chronic diseases detected.

The facility also caters for Pre-employment packages for organizations who recruit new staff.

Our Clinic facilities also have a 24hour doctor service.

Quality Policy

The basic orientation of Claron Health International (CHI) is to be recognized for quality in medical services, wellness/routine medical checkup, international vaccinations, women’s health, occupational health, health talks, event medicals, OGUK medical exams, etc.


At CHI, we subscribe to the view that quality is the outcome of all activities that take place within the organization. Total Quality Management (TQM), a discipline and philosophy of management which institutionalizes planned and continuous improvement is instituted in our team. We also place emphasis on the focus of improvement being on systems and processes rather than on the individual; also, that all function and employees have to participate in the improvement process.


Goals and Objectives

  • Establishing, applying, maintaining and continual improvement of efectiveness of Quality Management System – ISO 13485:2016
  • To promote a safe environment for patients and staf to facilitate a culture of quality throughout the
  • To provide a systematic approach to performance improvement
  • To promote high quality, cost efective services through the development and implementation of policies, procedures and
  • Promote efective
  • Forster staf education
  • Improve employee relations and promote employee
  • Ensure all CHI and other regulatory requirements are included in performance
  • Establish priorities for performance improvement


The basic orientation of Claron Health International (CHI) is to be recognized for quality in medical services, wellness/routine medical checkup, international vaccinations, women’s health, occupational health, health talks, event medicals, OGUK medical exams, etc.

Client Complaints

To manage and use client feedback data through complaints and surveys for continuous quality improvement.

Quality Education and Training

To promote quality education and training initiatives for the staf.

Quality Culture

To develop a culture of continues improvement across the organization.

Quality Model

CHI Quality Model focuses on the customer (be they internal or external customers), supported by structures, processes and outcomes.


Find Organize Clarify Uncover Start Plan Do Check Act (FOCUS-PDCA) Model: Whenever staf are engaged in performance improvement and patient safety initiatives, they must begin by listening to all customers (the voice of the customer), focus on the processes that these customers experience (the voice of the process), and then use statistical process control methods to evaluate the variation that lives within the processes.

Environment, Health & Safety Policy

The basic orientation of Claron Health International (CHI) is to be recognized for environmental, health and safety in medical services, wellness/routine medical checkup, international vaccinations, women’s health, occupational health, health talks, event medicals, OGUK medical exams, etc.

While carrying out its activities, the organization accords highest priority to employee health & safety and protection of environment.

The company is committed to:


  • Carrying out the business in a sustainable manner, ensuring safety for all and protection of the surrounding environment.
  • Complying with the applicable statutory, regulatory & other requirements with respect to Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).
  •  Integrating EHS considerations into planning and decision making in all areas of Piramal Pharma Solution business, including those dealing with purchase of plant, equipment, machinery and material as well as selection and placement of personnel.
  •  Identifying EHS hazards, risks, aspects & impacts through periodic assessments & audits and implement necessary control measures.
  •  Assessing the training needs of employees & contract workers and provide them necessary training on the EHS issues, concerns & best practices.
  •  Encouraging employees at all levels to accept responsibility and accountability for achieving the objectives of this Policy.
  •  Assigning responsibility to contractors and vendors to comply with the company EHS policies and follow all applicable legal requirements.
  •  Continually improve the integration of sustainability development into our working environment and business processes.
  •  Designing and developing facilities that are energy efficient & generate less waste through recycle and reuse of materials to reduce the impact on environment.
  •  Maintaining and continually improving EHS systems at all our manufacturing sites through the implementation of latest technology and EHS best practices.

Clients we have worked for

Claron Health believes that the first wealth is health.

Claron Health International is located at
No 2, Dodi Link, (Between Volta Street and Akosombo Road) Airport Residential, Accra, Ghana.

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