Medical Services

Quality medical services tailored for you, your family and organization.

Clinic & Medical Centers

Claron Medical centers are a state of the art integrated system with well-designed consulting rooms just for your comfort. Quality medical services tailored for you, your family and organization.

Claron offers the following clinical services:

  •  General Medical Consultation
  •  Pediatric Consultation (Child Care)
  •  Obstetrics and Gynecology
  •  Fertility Clinics
  •  Specialist Consultation on specific days.
  •  Vision and Hearing assessment
  •  Dental Care
  •  Physiotherapy and Physical therapy

All International Vaccinations
Available at your Convenience

Whether it’s vaccines for your new born, to prevent diseases or for travelling, look no further than Claron. We have all the International Vaccines available at our Medical Centre.

How We Work

At Claron we always put our clients first and at the center of everything that we do. We see our clients as unique individual with personal healthcare needs. Everything we do is embedded in this aspiration and goal. Our code of promise to our clients is to listen to their unique personal stories and then tailor solutions to each of them.


Access to a 24 hour Emergency Doctor

We will provide a 24 hour access to our doctors for rapid emergency response in all situations. They will assess the situation and advice on an appropriate and rapid triage response.

Ambulance Services

Claron health clinical services includes a rapid response unit equipped with direct telephone system and an ambulance solely to convey injured or sick employees cases to our accredited medical and teaching Hospitals across the country.

Diagnostic Services

General diagnostic services offered includes digital x-ray and ultrasound services. Specialized diagnostics to aid in the care of the heart care including Electrocardiogram, angiography and Echocardiography are also available and done together with our partners.
Cancer diagnostic is also our specialty. Together with our partner, we provide CT scan and MRI Imaging to aid in cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Laboratory Services

Claron offer the state of the art laboratory services backed by international standardization. Laboratory services includes:

Hematology, Serology
Microbiology, Biochemistry
Hormonal analysis, Coagulation studies

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