Corporate Wellness

Imagine a Healthcare system that is focused on treating disease but aimed at promoting health and prolonging life.

Visualize a health care that is made up of a team of doctors and health professionals who really understand your healthcare needs and will work round the clock to get you, your family and your colleagues in good and excellent health.

That is what we do at Claron. Personalized and affordable healthcare with you in mind is our passion and our story.

Annual Medical Screening for Staff

Claron’s Medicals provide a comprehensive annual examination of the overall health and wellness status of the company’s staff & executive team, followed by detailed reports, advice and referrals.

Preventive Health

Health education and talk on various topics to help indivuals and employees play an active role in maintaining their own health and improving the safety and health status of their working environment.

Claron Case Management Services

Following a Wellness Day, any individuals identified as suffering from a chronic disease or at risk of developing a chronic disease, are assigned to one of Claron’s case managers who will guide them through lifestyle changes

Medical Examinations

Pre-Employment Medicals
Post Employment Medicals
Offshore Medical Exams
Work Permit Medical Exams

Corporate Fun & Health Day

10km walk and Football Game
ScreeningHealth Talk

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