Career Opportunity:  Sales Executive

Career Opportunity: Sales Executive

About the job Claron Health International, founded in Africa by Africans, is a digital health company providing integrated medical services. Our solution includes smart clinics, occupational health, virtual primary care, and accessible healthcare for all. Over the...
Career Opportunity:  Sonographer

Career Opportunity: Sonographer

This role is responsible for assisting our doctors with diagnosis and monitoring of various conditions of clients, ranging from pelvis/obstetrics, abdominopelvic, doppler, etc. Essential Functions Explaining sonographic procedures to clients, answering questions,...
Career Opportunity:  Sales Executive

Career Opportunity: Technical Sales Officer

We are looking to employ a sales-driven and customer-oriented Sales Officer to oversee our sales team and determine the most effective solutions to increase company sales. The Sales Officer’s responsibilities include recommending improvements to current sales...
Self Medication

Self Medication

Self-medicating is a behavior that has been practiced for decades. It has actually gotten much worse with the invention of the Internet, which makes self-medicating very simple. For many people, self-medicating is as simple as doing a quick Internet search for a...

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